Monday, February 6, 2012

New Pantry/Bathroom Door

It is becoming home. I really love this place, what an enjoyable place to hang your hat. I can't wait till it is located in a more permanent spot, that is a whole blog post of it's own. But the bottom line is this is a great space to live in and I am very happy with how it is turning out. Still more to do but it is coming together. I have gotten to a point where I can visualize what I want and make it happen.

I still believe it takes a community to make it happen. Sometimes that is a helping hand, or someone with a talent you don't have to come along side and work with you. Other times it is just the wealth of knowledge on the net. I saw this picture on the Tiny House Blog of a little barn looking building and I really liked the pattern on the door. I had a traditional "X" look the closet door so I decided to change it up on the pantry and then do a reverse pattern on the back side. It came out awesome.
I used traditional farm hardware for the hinges and the lock. This is the exterior of the door and the side that is inside the bathroom. Here is the other side.

 While it really does not matter for the purpose of this photo but yes it up side down Okay I could not stand it any more, I rotated it and got it right side up.

This faces inside the cottage if I want to hold the door shut. I can also swing all the open against the shower door if I want access to the pantry/refer and still collect light from the window in the bathroom. The best of all worlds. I found this great picture on "barn door latches" search on bing that I copied for my latch.

Other little things I did was all the wiring on the underside of the loft is all boxed in.

I had to add four inches to the wall to make the door work right. Little tricky but came out just fine. Some time in the next couple of weekends I am going to have to suck it up and address the kitchen cabinets. I have put it off long enough and I may be moving soon so I have to get this stuff done.