Sunday, December 19, 2010

Build Site Prep

I was up in Olympia over the weekend, setting plans for build. The site I am using is a friends Barn/Work Shed. I can't thank both Stet and Lynne enough for their kindness and generosity for letting me enjoy their cooking, oh I mean use their barn. This should be a real hoot! Stet and I were talking about what needs to be moved, how we are going to lay out the work benches and such. We are getting close, I am excited to get this going.

These are looking front to back. We measured from the very back wall to the door and it was 29 ft 6in. The trailer bed is 24 ft with a tongue of 4 ft 6 inches. We have a whole foot to play with! Width wise we should be good we have about 2 and half feet on the left side of the trailer and all the space we will need on the right side.

Height should be fine but we will not be able to put on the roof without pulling the unit outside for the event. Which is fine, I think we can get 90% of the main cottage done before we have to move it out for the roof install.

The trailer pick which was this past Saturday got pushed and I am supposed to pick it up on Thursday. I am not sure if I will run it up to Olympia or take it over to my Brothers house to stash it till we are ready to move it into the barn. We did set a start date: January 15th, 2011!


  1. Stet looks good in your building space. Don't see much of he tiny house yet. Looking forward to your every move.

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