Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving Around The Outside Of My Mini Cottage

As we started down one side of the trailer I kept looking at the wheel well and thinking how are we going to do that. I had run through a couple of options when it was time to deal with it. Sure enough Stet walked over and grabbed a compass, the kind I used to use in grade school for drawing circles and we just created the gap we wanted and etched them into the board. We did cut a flat angle to get the board in position to mark this. Once we had what we wanted on sample board we cut them out with a steady hand and a jig saw. Each board was numbered and we just flipped them over when we got to the other end of the wheel well. It worked great!

From this point we worked our way down this side and then started at the back and worked our way up the other side.

It should be a fairly smooth process to finish this side and then the tongue end of the trailer next weekend. I would expect to spend the remainder of that weekend cutting out the rest of the roofing joists and any other general prep work that needs to go into the roof. We are taking off May 7th and 8th weekend for some personal business, I am planning weather permitting to put the roof on the following weekend, key phrase there, weather permitting. We are going to coat the exterior wood in Log Oil and this should be accomplished before we put the trailer on the hard outside the barn. All pretty exciting stuff.

Since we are working in a barn, that usually includes some animals. Here in Olympia we had our first day of no rain since October...well almost anyway it was nice, got up to 70 degrees. Boy I hope it is like this when we do the roof. Actually anything not raining would be great. As I ate lunch I had a visitor, it was Tally. She seem to enjoy all the things outside the pen and it earned her my lunch apple.

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