Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Incremental Steps

I am making consistent progress on the cottage and will be taking the week of Thanksgiving off to make some major progress and move to Dundee. As a follow up to the gutters and catchment system. I took some shots of the gutters since I was up there. The Purple Rain guys did a good job.

While at my current location it looks a little awkward it is very functional and is doing it's job superbly. I was able to run the water for about 10 minutes straight while testing the hot water heater and I had plenty of water.
Yes you read correctly, I have HOT WATER, the whole system worked flawlessly with the exception of the DC Breaker that I tripped twice during my testing. This is a very easy fix as I will just pick up a different rated breaker for the water pump. After thinking about my statement flawlessly is a not quite accurate as the fancy water filter needed to be removed as it was not allowing water through at the correct flow rate. Removed the filter and then it was flawless.

Other events was finishing the propane which allows for the water heater but it also means I have a heater. First I needed to get exhaust stack in place and that was easy enough, then I mounted the Dickinson Stove and hooked up the propane, checked for leaks and you guessed it, Heat.

Can't really tell but there is a bit of a blue flame going on here. I also put up the kitchen lights. I can now do the dishes, sweet.
I need a little wire management, but hey they work.


  1. Interesting how you mounted the roof cap. Can you post another shot of it that shows the whole view of it? How to install the roof cap without compromising the waterproof-ness of the metal roof is still one of my questions for when I embark on the project.

  2. Ethan,
    I will do a separate post dedicated to the two holes in the roof, one is the fire place the other is for the composting toilet. Let me look through the pictures I have and I can put together a pretty in depth explanation of what we did. At this point I am highly confident it won't leak but time will tell.