Monday, January 30, 2012

Fireplace Beautification

For the last couple of months everyone who stops by to see how the project is going and there is inevitable question about my fireplace. They look at the hose and go, "Hey what are you going to do about that?" I would think to myself, I have no idea. One of the great things about this project is it has allowed me to tap into an unknown creativity that did not existed.

I am not a sketcher when it comes to this type of stuff, I am at a point that I just look at the problem and let a couple of "thought sessions" happen and it comes together in my mind and bang, I got it. The project usually evolves as I start putting piece together and I really have no clue what the final product is going to look like but I have a direction and just start building and see what come out. The ladder project was that way and so here is  my fireplace beautification project.

A open slot to that I can shut off the propane if need be.

I have found some of the spare flooring is kinda fun to work with. Dang hard stuff though.

I also put in a pull down shade for the electrical room closet. There was no room for a door, I did not like the idea of a bi-fold on this door (didn't know how to build one without taking a bunch of time) and wanted a plan clean look as the other two doors are pretty busy. this should work out excellent.

Top Plate for mounting the "select blind"

Nice clean look

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