Monday, December 14, 2020

The power situation evolved

I have been busy in the background working on the Dream Weaver. She is in a new location that is covered, I will be able to work on her all winter long, primarily on weekends until we have a bit more daylight and the temperature comes up. The current status of the build is the inside is completed cleaned out, and I have placed furring strips on the walls and ceiling. I am focused on the major systems, the first of which is electrical.

I had created a system in my last post for a moderate solar system. I have changed the game and created a far more robust system that will manage the 110v AC system and the solar system. I will be putting 1000 watts on solar to the roof of Dream Weaver and I will have 400 amp hour at 24volts of a battery bank, It is the equivalent of 7.2 kWh. 

I went with a 3000 watt Victron Multiplus Inverter that will handle the incoming AC Power and a Victron MPPT to bring in the solar. There is a ton of information on both products on YouTube so I won't re-create it here. The move to the Multiplus is making change the 1/0 gauge wire I originally used to 4/0 gauge wire. That is a bit of a project in and of itself but it is required. 

I have a lot of wire management still to do, I should be testing the AC power input this coming weekend and then start routing the AC and DC runs to wire up Dream Weaver. At that point, I can clean things up and move on to the HVAC system. 

As a side note if you look at the bottom right-hand corner you see a red box, that is my diesel heater, a little heater that packs a huge clean punch. That was a great find, if you are looking for one, get the one with the White ends, not the black ones. 


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