Sunday, March 13, 2011

On The Way To Powering Up

Well it took a day and half but I have all the wire (well almost) pulled for the Mini Mobile Cottage. In my goal to show the good, the bad, and the ugly this post meets that criteria. It took 300 ft of wire to get all the electrical plan in place. Yes it is a 24 foot long cottage with no wiring in a quarter of it. Yikes. I made two adjustments mid-stream in the process moving locations or wiring runs due to a better placement or more logical wire run when actually looking spacing of  the 2x4 risers that are not part of the "mind concept" drawing I made.
I ended up changing the door end of the trailer on the placement of the light and the outside plug. I was going to put just a plug on the outside that was switched just inside the door. The light was going to be mounted to the removable deck/porch. I decided to mount the light on the end of the cottage. The plug will be moved to the lower left hand corner with an outdoor plug set so that I can have a outside plug on this end of the house. I put in some loft supports to run wire across the span. I have just pooled the wire at the location of the electrical room and will start "putting everything in it place" next weekend.
While some of this looks pretty ugly at this point, it is beautiful to me. I have all the AC, 90% of the DC and all the HDMI and Cable run. I will start on the plug units as well next weekend. I am running 6 stereo speakers all internally wired. I have yet to wire the solar so that is part of the next weekend plan as well. We have been having a lot of discussions around ventilation. I have one large fan up in the peak, I have been told I want one for the bathroom and potentially one by the stove. My eagerness to stream line the ventilation process has been dampened by the fact that I am using closed cell foam for insulation and it will be like a thermos bottle inside this structure. Ventilation is critical and I will discuss more of this in a future post but I think my single fan strategy is not going to fly.
I have labeled each wire at both ends and feel that I can come back next weekend and actually understand what I did and more importantly why I did it. The next two weekends are going to be consumed with technical operations. We painted the shower area and it should be installed over the next two weekends and that includes the water fixtures.
Good water sealant and some ventilation will help me never deal with mold in my Mini Mobile Cottage.

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