Monday, June 27, 2011

Roofing The Fun, The Challenge

When you have never roofed anything in your life and you watch all the video's, read the books, and talk to the experts you still don't know, what you don't know. This has been an excellent learning experience but it has been a lot slower going then I expected. Good thing is we are talking our time and really trying to do this right. To explain our process. After the entire structure was in place we took 12 inch wide butel tape and ran it down the ridgecrest. Then we have laid down Dupont Roofliner shingle fashion. It is nailed on with nails that have a once inch plastic cap on them. I am using a Styrofoam gap filler on the lower edge to help hinder bug visitations who want to join me in my mobile cottage.

We then started with the side of the roof that has no vents in it. The big key here is getting the first panel on square and having the whole roof centered to fit the metal covers for the eaves. I have about 4 and a 1/2 inches on each end to play with that will be covered by these pieces.
Once that side was done we started working on the vent side and the first vent we came to was the one for the composting toilet. As I grabbed the toilet from my storage locker I noticed a tear in the box that I did not see when I picked it up several months ago. My bad as I pulled the unit it out it clearly had come in contact with the fork of some forklift. Big time bummer for the $1600.00 toilet. I bought the Biolet from We will see how this all works out.

I was able to line up the vent and cut the whole in the roof. Then going outside we identified where the hole is centered it and then prepped the area with butel window tap and then covered the actual hole area Dupont Flex Wrap that I used for the sill plates on the windows and doors. I have a large rubber gasket that came with the unit that will mount under the metal, so Stet created a cardboard template and then we proceeded to cut out a whole for the vent in the metal roof material.

 We ran out of time for the weekend and will hopefully have the metal roof done this up coming weekend. Once the main roof is down, then goes the ridge cap (that will be interesting) and lastly the eave covers. One of the tricks we are doing is where at the lower edge of the roof we have not put on any trim work so we screwed in some 2x4x12's  and took some blocking and have them screwed in place for roof supports and a brace to stand on while working on the upper edge of the roof sections.
This has been a big help and really adds a safety factor to crawling around on the roof.


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