Monday, July 4, 2011

A ROOF! Okay It Is Now Time To Get Serious

Well it took 4 Weekends but it was worth it. I now have a roof over my head. And a sturdy bugger it is. I am highly confident this is not only secure but will keep me warm through the toughest of winters. I tried to document both holes cut in the roof so that you can see how we did it. The last piece of that was to keep my chimney upright so I need to build a box that matched the taper of the roof and was not a source of water into the house. Small challenge but a challenge it was. Here is what we ended up with. First a picture of the propane Dickinson Stove.

So we created this out of treated 2x8's and used aluminum flashing on each of the weather sides of the unit. They were shingled on top of a layer of Butel tape (window wrapping). We also layed in aluminum flashing down to the roof edge so any water getting in would only get the to flashing and run off the bottom of the roof. Add in some flashing sealant and wow a little chimney takes shape.

Once in place I put a little plastic lid on it till we are ready to make it look nice. I will cover all the sides in cedar like the cottage and put the propane bell that came with the stove.

We finished the side and then placed the rake covers in place and then started on the ridgecap. We were finding that the screws were not seating properly until you reversed them all the way out and then put them in a second time. For any of you self builders out there, you may want to note that. I am pleased with the finished product.
 This is the exhaust vent for the wounded composting toilet. I have aluminum tape around the hole that will be covered with a black sealant when all said and done. The pipe that comes up here is significant and will need to be anchored or removed for travel.

 We fastened the entire port side before coming back and working our way down the starboard side. We always started in the middle to keep from putting wrinkles in the metal. It worked fairly well.

 Rake covers came out excellent. I was not sure if I was going to like these and thought about just going with wood but, now that they are on I really like the look. I have more then enough wood showing and this is a great contrast to it.
We will now be mounting the eve trim that will also seal the interior so that I can start to insulate with the closed cell foam. I figure we have a half day of trim work and internal taping to get the cottage ready to spray. This will be a full day event I would expect. I have 3 sets of spray canisters. I will explain the full process in a later blog post. I am trying to multitask so I spend a hour sanding and varnishing my table before each work day. While I have several more coats to go, it is looking pretty good.

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  1. Careful with those hands! You should have worn some protective gloves for some of the edges are quite sharp and you might cut yourself accidentally. Anyway, the roofing structure and your chimney are very remarkable. I’m pretty sure that it will last a lifetime, for as long as you maintain it regularly.
    - Patrica Kimberly