Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not A Lot To Take Pictures Of

While I feel like I accomplished a lot this weekend there is not a lot to show for it. I spent a fair amount of time on working on electrical issues trying to button up the external needs of the electrical system. What that means is: DC comes from the Batteries, Charger out to the Batteries, and where the solar, cable, and AC comes in. I also installed a plug at the front door so I have an external outlet.

My boating background led me to use a 250v/30amp plug from a boat. Rugged, waterproof, beefy, I like it. The only thing left to do on the tongue end is to put a box in for the solar input. On the door end I have a light that I will install and then that should be that.

I put another coat of log oil on the cedar siding and then covered all the new wood in the peaks. I also finished the sofits and they came out excellent.

I started testing some colors for trim, wanted something darker but that still showed the wood grain. The dark brown I tested was too dark. I have a teak colored piece that may be too light but I liked it the best so far. I also tested a red that I am going to use in the bathroom on my cedar. I am not convinced that I am going to use this either. Lot's of decision to make!

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