Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guess Who Has Water!

One of the Prep steps I was hoping to accomplish is to make the fancy 3/4 Ply I am using for my loft whitish on the bottom so that is better reflrects light and is a little brighter when you are in the kitchen. Lynne Palmer took the initiative and jumped in and did a great job coating the boards with a multi-step process that both shows the grain of the wood but has a light bright hue to it. Thanks Lynne, they look great!
We got the shower in place, putting a plywood sandwich under the shower structure. I am using a one piece fiberglass shower bought from Home Depot. I looked and actually purchased a multi-piece shower from Ace Hardware but after looking at it, it went back to them and I doubled my cost with this unit. As you can see we coated the back plywood water proof/mold resistant paint drilled the hole for the drain and slide the shower in. It fit snug and with a few shim's under the unit it was rock solid. Once we had it in place, I used foam to give it a custom fit bedding. As you can see from the photo below, Stet build a 2x4 stud wall with all the 2x4's on end and notched at the top to fit the ledge of the shower.
While I was working on the other walls, trimming some of the excess foam I used to fill the gaps on the ceiling plywood. I had Art Ray come out and work on the next stage of the plumbing. While I feel confident I could have done this, it would have taken me an entire weekend what Art did in three hours.
Plus he had all the cool tools and fittings that I don't have. I am sure if I did this part of the project, it would have cost me no less than three runs to Home Depot. Saved gas and helped out a local contractor and ended up with no leaks when we pressure tested it! So I now have a plumbed shower, hot water heater, water pump, and a place to hook up my catchment system from the gutters. Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

We started working on the other walls and now the inside is starting to get a little more closed in. I am going to take the Labor Day week off from work and I expect to move mountains during that week on finishing the cottage. After I leave on the 10th, I will return to pick the her up and see how "mobile" she is as we make the journey back down to Dundee. It freaks me out just to think about it.
Speaking of freaks me out. I was in the cottage working away and I needed to go back in the shop as I did, I encounter Stet and Art doing some unspeakable act. Then I realized Stet was just trying to circumcise Art. A little hinky but hey to each his own. But then I saw they were actually working on my pump fitting...whew!