Sunday, September 18, 2011

On The Road To Phase III

Dundee, Oregon or bust. And as we dropped her off the jack stands I was really hoping it was not "bust". I had a couple of 4am wake ups thinking about blowing a tire, or trailer frame breaking. Yikes. I never had a fear of the cottage imploding since we built it as stout as you can build any wood structure. So down she came and up the driveway we went.

So the first big hurdle was accomplished. Now the much does she weigh. I had the trailer built for 10,000 pound capacity. I was really hoping for a 7 as the first number on the scale weight card. An 8 would be okay, a 9 is scary and a 1 would be a major challenge in having to find another way to move her around.

First stop on Sunday morning was the scale, with warm coffee in hand I stood at the counter and waited, toe tapping. We had a beer bet going and I bet on 8200, Stet was in at 8300, Bob my brother and chase car driver was in at 9300. Still more toe tapping while Sharon was playing with the key board on on the scale machine.
After what seemed like 20 minutes the verdict was in. I think everyone one owes me beers. Anything by Full Sail Brewing would be fine.
 The drive down I-5 went off without a hitch. The cottage was happy as a clam at high tide riding at 52 mph. At 55 she started to waggle a bit, we never got to 65. I stopped to check on things and let the dog pee. And NO it is not my dog it is Bob's. He calls it his chick magnet, from what I hear tell it worked great, he's running with a hot one :-)

 Well we made it and I have a lot of work to do. I am excited for the many places my cottage will live but this is a great first stop. To the left is a large garage and workshop. So don't think my blogging days are over. The punch list is long. I will be excited to share the next phase of My Mobile Cottage Building Journey.

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