Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Moved Mountains But I Am Not Done Yet

It was a bitter sweet day today. I have finally arrived at the point where the Mini Mobile Cottage is going on it's first journey. While that will be a huge accomplishment that also means I am leaving the place of it's origination. I will create a separate post to celebrate it but suffice it to say today was a little awkward knowing I would not be driving the 105 miles up to Olympia next weekend to work on the cottage, nor the weekend after or the weekend after....That time was cherished as it is completely different from my 9 to 5 daily routine and it really exercised a part of my brain that I have let languish in the computer/internet world I live in day in/day out. I have learned a lot from Stet, more then I can share but it has all been good.

While I decided about 2 months ago that my dream of using a bowling alley plank for a kitchen counter was folly and really too heavy for what I wanted needed. So I conceeded on weight issues and moved on to a nice plywood counter and let Stet & Lynne use the bowling alley for their tack room in their barn. Boy did it look cool and fit in well...........hmmmm.

We did a full weight evaluation (still really have no idea what the cottage weighs, will know next weekend when I hit the scale on the way to Dundee) and came up far less then we expected. So with weight not the issue... I needed to re-think the bowling alley idea. I arranged to have another one brought up and guess what. I have a new really really thick chunk of bowling alley for my kitchen. Damn if that is not just too cool.
The door is secure as I put locks on it and took a couple of shots but it is still hot and sunny in Olympia and it makes heck of the photos coming from out doors. Sorry for the poor quality.

My next post it will either be a great celebration of the Mini Cottage at it's new home, the big first journey accomplished, with photos of the cottage sitting on Jack Stands in Dundee, Oregon. Or pictures of me along I-5 with a big pile of cedar and beetle kill pine fire wood and a mangled trailer. Here is to a successful journey down I-5 and beyond!

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