Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ah Hot Water....Again

Okay I have a confession. I can procrastinate on certain things in my life if they don't really bug me. I can ignore them for quite a while if necessary. So my hot water was not working and I chose to ignore it. I have lived a long time on a sailboat that did not have a hot water system and I just learned to work around that little inconvenience. But I made the mistake of posting on the blog yesterday that I was without hot water. I would like to thank Ethan who woke me up from my stupor and well guess what. It took me all of 7 minutes to fix the problem once I got home. Precision-Temp did a great job in customer service to address my issue sending me clear and specific directions on how to re-calibrate my hot water heater that had forgotten who it was.

I really don't care that I had the issue in the first place. What I do care about is that it was able to be resolved quickly, both via email and a call that I initiated that was unnecessary. As the email really did answer the question. Hot water is working fine now and I ordered a Cold Weather kit and should be good down to 20 below. May it never get that cold in Oregon.


  1. You're welcome :D

    And I'm glad to hear that PrecisionTemp was a good company to deal with for support, because I still plan on including their product in my build.

    Oh, and I've started a blog for my tiny house:


  2. Thanks for the blog link, I look forward to hearing about your journey. The re-calibration of the water made a big difference in how the unit works. It seems to be far more consistent in how it operates. Lesson learned is if yours is not operating like you think it should it pays to go to them and see what adjustments can be made. This was a pretty simple fix for mine.