Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still Lot's To Do

I started last weekend with a list of 5 things that must get done, by the time the weekend was over it had grown to 26. It is funny how I knew I had a lot of things that were nagging at me but I am really at a point that I should  just set the tape measure down and step away from the table saw. But that is not going to happen at least through the next three weekends. Good thing is I should get a bunch done. On the hot list is getting Hot Water working again. I killed my hot water heater, well at least I injured it. I have not had hot water working for about three weeks now. I really don't need it at this point as I am still in the house (next door) but it needs to get fixed. Cold weather killed it, dang. Lot's to learn about the "house" stuff, I have been living on boats way to long...

Here is what is on the top of the agenda:

The Kitchen cabinets are an issue and eventually a stove. I have yet to get my mind around how I am going to get these cabinets done. I have come to one conclusion, I am the one who is going to be doing it as I will not hire it out. So I have to get a plan committed to in my mind and then figure out how I am going to build it. I have a picture I found on the web, so I have an idea how I want it to look but nary a clue how to build it. Should be fun.

Actually before I do the anything with the kitchen I am working on the bathroom. I need to put the floor down. I fixed the damaged composting toilet last weekend so it is ready to go. Once the floor is in then I have to drill out the vent pipe path, all the work on the metal roof is done so I just need to pop the final hole and I am good to go.
Guess where all my crap has been collecting. My fancy little R2D2 Vacuum is going to have to go somewhere...Probably the loft at this point. This should actually be a pretty simple process get the Biolet toilet in place. Hope the thing works, there is way to much research and investment to see it come to failure once I start using it. Stay tuned I will give a full debrief, the good, the bad and the ugly after a couple of months of use.

I have some significant wire management issues still to deal with. This is a lot of detail work that I just need to address. On my list this is like #56, #65. Not really top of the list stuff but it needs to be addressed. All the windows needed to be interior trimmed out, the door needs interior trim. I still need to trim the upstairs window. I really want a curtain on the door window and am scared to death about picking out some fabric that makes the first "lady friend" who shows up barf right on my front step due to my poor choice of fabric. Things that keep me up at night, too funny really isn't it.

Oh yea on the list is a Ladder, shelves, closet doors, bathroom door. Yikes this post is starting to make my head hurt. Hopefully once we get into the new year I can have some of this stuff knocked out.


  1. Wow, thanks for being candid here. I think watching the videos of Tiny houses being built makes it look really easy, but in reality it's a ton of work! I'm so anxious to start my build in the late spring.

    I'm curious- did your hot water heater get messed up because of user error? Or is it not a unit that's meant for cold weather? Anything else I can learn from your mistake would be very helpful, as those hot water heaters aren't cheap! :)

  2. Ethan,
    You are correct, Instant On propane water heaters are not cheap. If I had done a little more research I would have known they don't work well in cold weather and don't work at all in really cold weather. What happened was I went on a week trip and powered down the unit and drained it per the instructions for winterizing it. When I returned the electrical system is not working and the unit just clicks. If you live in a colder climate I would not go this route (RV Water Heater) and look to the standard Instant on or a tank model.

    I am not sure what I am going to do, first option getting this one happy again and moth ball it till spring. I have looked at water heaters with tanks from Suburban they are sealed and for the most part don't have the exposed side. As I make a decision I will do a post to explain my thoughts and the steps I took.

  3. Interesting. I assumed that I would go with the RV style instant-on tankless system because I hope to one day go completely solar/off grid.. so an electric system would not be ideal.

    Were you using the RV Precision-Temp 500? I noticed that they sell a cold weather package that lets you use the unit down to -10F. http://www.tanklesswaterheatersdirect.com/shop/tanklesswaterheaters/precisontemp/rv500waterheatermainpage.asp

    Again, sorry to hear that it broke. Is there any warranty or recourse you can take?

  4. Yes I was Precision-Temp 500 and do not have the cold weather kit as of yet. But I am leaning that direction. I don't think I killed this thing I think something just blew. I have yet to talk to anyone about it.

    When I was suggesting an alternative I would only go propane. I was not suggesting electric, sorry for the misunderstanding.

  5. I remember seeing a video of someone with the same situation as you and they repaired the unit. I'll post it if I can find it again..

  6. I talked to the folks over at Precision-Temp. They said the unit lost it's memory and that I just need to re-calibrate it. They sent me the instructions on how to do that. Seems pretty simple if it works, more to come on this story I am sure. I did order the winter kit retro fit, $150 if you do it after the initial purchase, it would have been $110 if I would have gotten it when I ordered the unit. Certainly something to think about.