Monday, February 22, 2021

Two New Fans for ventilation

I have replaced both my old vents, they were definitely at the end of their life, all the caulking was past its life span as well. I am working on the caulking but the new Fantastic Fans are now in place. 

In trying to replace them I put my hand through them, they were in worse shape than I expected. The new ones were able to slide right in and I Butel taped them, screwed them in place, and put Dicor around the seams, and then put Eternabond tape on top of that. 

They are reasonably quiet, and have reversible fans, and work by remote. 

Making progress with an excellent Internet connection

 I purchased a Pepwave MAX Transit Cat 18 router and a MobileMark 7-in-1 5G Antenna. While this can house up to 2 SIM cards, I am running just one at the moment. I got a T-Mobile 100GB data plan for hotspots & routers. After testing it, which was very easy to set up. I got this router package from and their videos on installing it made it simple and super easy. 

As you can see from the pictures above I mounted my MobileMark 7-in-1 5G Antenna on the nose of the trailer. I have it sealed in Dicor, expecting to not have any leaks.
The 7-in-1 cables connected to the back of the Pepwave.
You can see that I have this hard-wired to the DC power supply.

I did a Speedtest on both my computer and smartphone, I was getting about 27 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up, this is awesome and while I only have one SIM in the unit, I could add another, and then the router would pick the fastest connection as I travel around. So far this is have been a very good experience.