Sunday, January 16, 2011

Construction Starts

Took the trailer up from Dundee, OR to the build site in Olympia on Friday, January 14th. It was raining like crazy. On Saturday we got the barn cleaned out and were ready to move the trailer in. Trying to angle in the 24ft trailer put the truck out in the grass, wet grass. Yup that looks like a stuck truck. We had to grab Stet's Geo and swing the trailer in with it. The trailer fit with about 8 inches to spare.

Once we got it in, I jacked and leveled it, while placing it on jack stands. I used three to a side it came out real stable.
As for construction, we covered the bottom sheets of plywood with a water and bug repellent. I looked at a lot of different options for coating the bottom exterior grade plywood. Since the wood will never touch ground but will be exposed to some road grim and potentially some bug issues this green copper product seemed like the best option. We are building this in four foot sections. You can see below on of the sections in production. This are all screwed and glued in putting them together.

We stacked up the sections to let them cure. Next weekend we will flip them and place in the insulation and put on the top of the sandwich. It is my goal to have the foundation sandwich 100% done to be able to address the flooring the follow two weekends (hopefully).
Stet discussing ideas on how we are going to floor the foundation sandwich. We also need to pre-plan the propane run. I am toying with the idea of bringing in a professional to plumb the propane which will be used for the Stove, Instant Water Heater, Fireplace, and the deck BBQ.

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