Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mobile Cottage Starting To Take Shape

It is pretty clear what is missing when you when you are looking for four walls. I had some decisions to make around left side windows, what to do with a fancy window I bought to go in next to the door that had become a casualty of not enough space for both the door and the window. Stet shows it is not going to fit at 31.5 inches wide as he stands in front of the door opening.

I figured I could go without a window, not so much the door. I did not want to have different windows across from each other so if I was going to use the fancy window it was going down to the other end of the house. I decided I was going to run with fewer but the larger of the windows. We framed them in and here is what the side of the trailers looks like with the wall up.

The next decision was, did I really want to use the fancy window as it is a bit too large to put on the tongue end of the trailer if I wanted it centered. The shower comes out 32 inches from the wall. This put a bind on the plans, I could use the smaller 24 inch wide window but I had paid dearly for this fancy window and I really did not want to wait to put in the next trailer project (who knows when that will happen or if). Therefore, I decided that we would off center it and it would encroach in the head but then I can do my business and look out a really nice window. We put a chair where my Biolet composting toilet is going to live and checked out the view. Nice, really nice.

Wow, great weekend. I was a bit tired and need a proud rest!
 Now it is time to square up the house and sheath it. We are going to try to bring in an expert to talk through the next steps and help us get this wiggley little building square.

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