Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Progressing Toward The Goal

This past weekend was very productive. I have one room in the Cottage that is fully functional and it is the bathroom. I was able to get the "repaired" composting toilet in place and all the vent pipe went in without a hitch. I still need to get some supports for the stack but it is stable for now. And the thing works. I did not realize the fan it runs 24/7 which is a bit of a bummer, not that it is loud but in this small of environment and with no door it is noticeable. Not sure what I am going to do about it, but it does make great white noise for sleeping. I will keep updating as the unit matures, still pretty curious in how it will work once I am able to use it on a regular basis.

Not really exciting photos but I did get in the shower door as well. Pretty excited about that since it fit perfect. It was one of those Craiglist gems. Paid next to nothing for a brand new but 10 year old shower door. Box was completely sealed and was never opened, they had it in their garage collecting dust. It fit just perfect and it will work great, the water heater after re-calibrating is working as expected and so I am pretty happy with the set up. I am not taking a lot of showers here at this point but that's okay, its time will come. Can't use a bunch of water anyway, we are having the driest December on record since the late 1800's. Go Figure, I need rain we don't get any for a month in DECEMBER.

I am taking the Christmas holiday off from working on the Cottage and will start back up over the New Year 3 day weekend, the next on the punch list is either Window trim or "The Ladder".

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