Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wow, Getting Closer Every Weekend

Don't laugh but this is snow in Dundee

A view out the window of the cottage

Looking for Hot Spots to see if I was leaking heat. Nope!
Okay it was a little cool in the work shop this morning. I was focused on putting together my door and working on some other little projects. The other little projects came together and then I focused on the door.
Kitchen Shelf

Coat Rack
Okay I had the door all cut and laid out. I had painted all the slats and here are all the pieces.

I know it is a little more robust for a door then I had expected but I wanted this look and it really came out looking like I wanted. I was looking for the barn door experience and it meant that expectation. I am eventually going to do the kitchen cabinets the same color scheme, this door will fit in well.

This is the door open, I can use it as a shower door if I have people over and want to have both a shower and access to my closet with a little privacy. It came out like I had hoped and will now work on a similar door to cover the refer and pantry. I will then work on a bi-fold door for the electrical room and dual purpose bathroom door for guests.  
The hasp that I can use on the kitchen counter to keep the door closed while I shower  with plenty of room and access to both the bathroom and my closet
This upcoming weekend is all about the ladder, THE LADDER.

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