Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Relocation Complete....for this event

Well, I have been absent for a while living life. Part of that was finding a new location for the Cottage. This was the first real move since "completing" the cottage as much as it is. It was quite a event, stressful to say the least. While I love living in my 24ft cottage, it would be a bit easier to manage if it were 20ft long with no decks. Glad I don't plan on moving it every 90 days! While I have no time table on my new digs, I am hopeful that it can live here through the rains and if it needs to be moved it would again happen during sunshine. So here are my new neighbors, at least for a while. Too funny, they had to come down and check out the new guy on the block.

My goal was to reduce my commute and I have gone from 35 minutes to 8, that is sweet in a lot of ways. I also have access to well water and it takes about 40 minute to fill my tank that can easily last me a month when I have no rain to fill the tank. I used a U-haul to get the cottage in place and that worked well. We had to modify the gate opening a bit, as you can see below it was a bit tight.

But once we got her in place she looks like she always belonged there. I have an awesome view of the eastern sky for sunsets and full sun for the solar panels. I will be doing another post on the additions to the solar aspect of the cottage, good stuff thanks to the two companies I use to get my solar gear, both have come through very well for this project. So here is the new home to the Mini Mobile Cottage.

Home Sweet Home, guarding the chickens (they live in the tiny house behind me). I should get the new solar panels up this weekend be able to tell that interesting story. I will also go a bit more into detail on the move, positives and negatives for us all to learn from.

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