Sunday, April 17, 2011

Looking For Big Gains

There are a couple times during the build project that will mark milestone moments. I think the roof will be huge, I think when I am at point where we put in the door will mark the begining of the end. Right now I am at one of those points, it is the siding. While I have a good couple of weekends to work on this before it is done, just starting it really fired me up. It is bringing the Mini Mobile Cottage to life.
Going through all the wood and am pretty pleased with the quality considering these are all seconds. We started in the far corner working our way to the front of the trailer. The two things we are trying to accomplish is to keep the boards level and to not put any fastner's into the wiring. I took a red crayon and marked where the wires are. You can see we are putting the pieces in vertically. Since I am so long, 24 feet we thought the appearance would be better served by vertical look.

Working our way around the window, this is pretty cool. I am pleased and am looking forward to some big progress next weekend where I will be able to put two full days into it.

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