Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life Get's In The Way...Sometimes

It has been tiny steps over the last two weeks. A little stomach flu wiped out the first weekend in April. I did make some progress in getting the outside siding. I am pretty excited about the Cedar siding. It is 6 inch T&G that I am going to install with the rough side out. I got it from a guy in Olympia who runs a home business of wood broker, he buys from regional mills and get's anything that is not number one's. These are number two or better.
I am pretty pumped about this wood, it is going to look sweet. On the external walls this will all be mounted vertically to help the long and narrow building. I have not decided on the stain if I use any at all.

I am going to take the smooth side and use it for the Bathroom. This is going to be stained with some natural tongue oil. This should be a good look and keep to my funky style for the Mini Mobile Cottage.

This past week has been a bit of a challenge that I was not looking for. I have a real tiny house of the floating style that lived in Alameda, CA. It needed to come up to Olympia and get dropped in the water so that I can move it up to Tacoma for a friend to use for the summer (while paying for moorage!). This should be a win/win for all involved. The trick was to move the boat up on my own without paying a company to drive it up. This posed a bit of a challenge that my friend John Hubbard jumped at a chance for a road trip. I drove down from Olympia with rented trailer (craigslist) and a borrowed truck (thanks Stet). Got down there and did not feel safe about driving it back up to Oly without a bigger truck.
So I rented a U-Haul and got everything loaded and strapped down and off I went with John trailing behind in the pick up. This is a very robust trailer so it handled the journey with no issues. Once in Olympia, we unstrapped her and dropped her in the water. I moved the boat over to my marina where my 30 foot Catalina is located and it will rest there till Saturday where I will motor/sail it up to Tacoma for Brian.

It is my goal to have no more pictures of boats on the blog. I am expecting to be able to spend all day next Sunday on the Mini Mobile Cottage. SIDING on my Cottage, really excited about that!

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