Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Here are some of the shots from last weekend. Fun time getting the windows in. I gave a good description of the process of how I put the windows in last weeks post so I won't re-hash it but feel confident the windows won't leak.

I was very pleased with the application of the FlexWrap. It was easy to install and I think it is going to do it's job well.

We installed the right side windows Saturday morning. and while they were a little bit more of a struggle, they are in and looking good.

Sunday morning we did breakfast at the Bread Peddler then were headed over to pick up the external siding. I had an appointment set up to go pick the wood up. I had sourced the wood off Craigslist for 6 inch tongue and groove Cedar @ .40 a foot. This is a good price and after talking to  Al I was excited to go get the wood. 9:30 am sharp I called him and his wife picked up the phone and guess what, Al was not available and they were going to be gone all day, NO WOOD. Dang, this was a very unfortunate change in plan. Well with one step back, we needed to get back to the project and try to salvage the day. Our goal is to get the roof set to install so that is what we did. Since our barn roof is lower then the peak of the Mini Mobile Cottage I need to stage all the components of the roof and wait for a nice weekend to pull her out and get busy. So we put a template on the floor and started to cut out the pieces.
Once we had the lay out completed we cut out some gussets and built a complete structure and put it out on the tongue on an 8 foot 2x4 with 1/2 inch sheeting on the end to replicate the top plate of the mini mobile cottage. I now have a real good feel for what the roof will look like and the size it will be.

We will fasten these to the top plate with Simpson Strong Ties. Once they are in place and the roof sheathing is on and we have the house sealed, I can then insulate. Next weekend should be finishing the rest of the roof rafters and some siding if Al decides to actually want to sell something.

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