Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Little Trim And A Big Bunch Green Foam

In order to seal the area in between the rafters was to trim them in. We ran a filler piece of cedar siding to get the face even and then put in a trimmed top piece that was beveled to fit under the plywood roof. We left the groove on for the 2nd piece. We then put on the second piece that was tongue end and cut the groove side just eliminating the groove. We then took a router and detailed the edge. As a little touch we put a rounded detail on all four corners.

I think I am going to stain this with a dark stain although I am toying with the idea of painting the trim. I don't have to decided for a bit, anyone has any suggestions feel free to toss them in. I will be eventually putting on gutters for a catchment system for water. They will be tan and will only block the top board. I will also run a small piece of aluminum flashing under the metal roof and then into the gutter.

Big first step on the interior. Insulation! For those you have not followed along closely I chose to go with a close cell foam which should give me an R value of 18 for the depth of a 2x4. I am filling the entire space with this foam. After looking at several companies I choose to go with Foam It Green.
The instructions and video's were clear, easy to follow and proved themselves true. It went on as advertised and I really had no issues. The biggest thing for me was getting the temperature correct so we had a bit of a wait in the morning to catch the right weather window. While this was an expensive option I strongly believe it will pay off in a warmer, more sealed environment. I also it added some structural integrity to my Mini Mobile Cottage.

The picture above is wall section I did as a test. I then worked the ceiling. For a second round I took a can of Dark Green paint to hit the shallow spots. I am pleased with how this is coming out and while both the Foam It Green folks and my own calculations said I would be a little short if I got three A/B packages of the 602. It looks like at this point I won't use any hard foam filler and will be able to cover a 100% of what I wanted to fill. Sweet.

I know this is the best R value on the market and with the closed cell foam effect the unit should be sealed tight as a drum. I will make a run to the storage locker next weekend for some of the Tongue and Groove pine for the interior.This will be fun.

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  1. Just a suggestion for anyone one else reading this. If you have someone following you a few panels back sawing off the excess using the studs as a guide you can quickly see the shallow spots as divots. A normal handsaw does fine. Just wait long enough for the foam to firm up.