Sunday, July 24, 2011

A New Window And The Exterior Is Taking Shape

Well the exterior is starting to come together with having the major work done. Still have a lot of trim work to do but we finished both ends of the Cottage this weekend with siding. I am pleased with how this looks. I was able to oil the door end of the Cottage but not the front end.

As you can see we don't have the trim or soffits up yet but this siding really changes the complexion of the Mobile Cottage. She is become the fulfillment of my dream at least externally. We put in the soffits on the front end of the cottage. They really look sharp but it is hard to tell in the photo, they will also look better once oiled. It will be far more noticeable on the door end of the Cottage which should get done next weekend. From the picture below you can see that I had completed one side.

I am adding a window up in the loft for both ventilation and life safety purposes. I am going to build the window myself and have it be a vertically split window that opens in the middle. It should be kind of funky but the thought of burning to death and not being able to get out of the loft did not sit well with me. So....cut out a window!
For all of you who notice that my main window below my new window is off set and I suppose an explanation is in order. If you look at the front of the Cottage you would notice I have a space for a door and what would seem a great place for a little window. If that is what you are thinking we are on the same page. Unfortunately at the time I ordered the "really cool" window and door my understanding of space planning, support walls and the doggone measuring tape I was using were not in sync. In other words I ordered too big of window and well it just did not leave enough support in the wall for this type of structure (My construction foreman said no way). At the cost of my "really cool" Window I was not ordering a second one, so we made the executive decision to put it on the other end of the Cottage. Then the shower got in the way of keeping the window centered. So now I have a great view from my composting toilet. :-)


  1. This looks great! How is it, by the way? Placing the windows is really important, not only to have more natural lighting but also lifesaver in case disaster strikes. Thanks for that tip! Anyway, I hope the construction is finally done by now.

    Otis Kunkle

  2. It really came out well, I have lived in the Cottage for a year now and really enjoy it. Awesome project that came out better then expected.

    1. That sounds great! Anyway, how do you maintain this kind of house? I mean, it's moving, right? It can be prone to some damages unlike those that are steady and has a foundation.

  3. Well it does move, but I have only had it at two locations so far, I did not build it to move it every year. At this point moving it the two times I did caused no damage. I built it very robustly so it could take some roughing around.