Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Of The Same

We were able to finish both sides of the Mini Mobile Cottage with siding. Feeling very good about the progress. It looks pretty good to me, we will be putting log oil on the wood to treat it. I expect to be done treating both sides next weekend.

We also cut the hole for the Water Heater, all in all I think the wheel wells and the areas that needed a little modification came out real well. I am excited to get some oil on it and see what it will look like. We don't have access to the rear (door end) of the trailer as we are too close the wall so we won't be able to deal with any siding on that end till we move the trailer out for the roof event.

We did prep the tongue end and wrapped the window. Once we pull the trailer out to put the roof on, we will put the window in as we won't need to use that end as the door!
The window wrap came out excellent. You can also see the roof joist we are building. We have them measured out and I will order the metal roofing this week. Stet is going to go buy the 2x4's we need and some extra siding for the ends. I am confident we can get the trailer pulled out and prepped and the roof on in May!

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