Monday, May 16, 2011

Pieces Are Coming Together

Well I am waiting for the weather to improve here in wonderful wet Olympia, WA. Man it has been wet, I am a native of the Pacific NW and have seen some pretty wet springs but I have a project to complete and this weather is not helping. I need three good days over a weekend. As of now the plan is the first weekend in June for the roof event. Over the next weekend we will take all the pieces and assemble them, install the Simpson ties and be ready...for good weather. We cut all the joist so here is a shot of them (above). Boy they look small but they fit right so we will see. 

We had a change in plans for Sunday so I adjusted and moved into coating the Cottage with Log Oil. The big challenge in our neck of the woods is mold. Even fresh kiln dried cedar like this will mold if covered with standard treatments. Log Oil is a what is regularly used in this very damp climate. If nothing else it came out looking just awesome. Here is a before shot of the Tongue end.
And after the application here is what she looks like. This is not 100% done as I still need to go in and hit the spots in between the boards.
Working on the rest of the Cottage as well.

I also had time to start on my sliding table project. I am going to build a sliding table on a runner. I picked up a hanging door runner and the wheeled mechanism that goes in side it (in grey). I am going to construct a shelf to hide the runner and it will move as needed along the 8ft track. Here is a graphic of the slider and a picture of the bottom of the table (it is still in varnish mode).
The table will mount against the long brown board on the right. I hope it works like I plan.

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