Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Suspense Builds

A Roof, man I would like to have the roof on. It is going to take a bit of weather luck to bring a nice weekend over Memorial Day. I would really like to have a full three days of Mobile Cottage work. It was a productive day on Saturday to get things staged.
We built a template on the floor and cut out the Gussets, I am pre-staging the gussets with all the screws in place. We need 13 rafters so we set up this little production line and we went after it.

You can see set up in front of Stet the 2x2 we are using to attach the internal ceiling. We decided rather then run the internal walls all the way to the peak we are going to go flat across the top.
The last part of the roof rafter is the two ends need to have cut out to put 2x4's through so that you can extend beyond the wall line to an overhand and a cosmetic fascia.

If you have a favorite chant, dance, prayer that can bring sun please feel free to do you part to helping me with my Mini Mobile Cottage project that is now ready for a putting up a roof!

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