Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Next Big Milestone

I had this vision for a deck, it went from the "wimpy" Tumbleweed deck, to a respectable 6 foot deck with a roof, to the final version a 10ft deck with a lowered but similar roof to the house. See it rains a lot in Oregon, okay that is not a fair statement. It only rains from October 1st through July 5th it is sunny and nice the rest of time. Well guess what it is October and I knew I had to get this deck roof done. Well since it was both bigger and heaver then I expected (go figure) it took a bit of muscle to get it into place (Thanks Bob, Mike, and Jordan).

Another part of the complexity is this needs to break down so that I can move it so I built the deck itself in two 5 foot sections and I did the same thing with the roof. What I envisioned in my mind actually came to be. I am still not sure how it happened with no drawings but it is sturdy and looks okay. While I still have some finish work to do here are some pictures to show you what I ended up with.

I seperated out the decks to make it easier to get the roof's on.

I had the two sections done and then put on the legs and added all sort of braces so that in moving them they would not crumble.

If you notice the ground is WET. The picture out the door is what it is all about.
I was able to get a little more done on Sunday afternoon and got the rest of the Window trim up. I took some of the Beetle kill pine and stained with some outdoor cedar stain which made them turn a funky yellow green. I have come to really like the color. I think these came out okay. Now on to the deck rails and then to focus on the indoor finish work.

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  1. WOW! It looks great!! Good choice on the larger deck size.....