Sunday, September 25, 2011

When You Gonna Move In

How many times do I have to answer that question? Too many and at this point it looks like November. I did not realize how much stuff I still have left to do and I am working solo for the most part and well I am not just that good of carpenter. I have never done any finish work so if I have learned anything over the past 9 months it is measure twice cut once or in other words, take your time and make double sure you have it right before you do something irreversible.

So here is the "famous window" that I have been talking about. It mounted well and I am very pleased with it.
The new work space is going to work out fine. I have all the indoor space I need to continue to work on what is left on the punch list over the next several months. It will start a consistent rain in a couple of weeks I am sure so I need to get as much done as I can. I sealed all the windows and will be putting up trim some time in the next several days.

These boards above are cut down 2x4's to be 2 1/2 inches wide. I stained them and am going to use them at the top of the wall to separate the ceiling boards. They should provide a good transition piece. As you can see I have part of my deck done. I am going to put a roof on them that is a mirror of the house roof just a little lower. I am hopeful to have a dry environment on the deck so that I can set up my trainer for my road bike. I am eager to start riding again as I have give it up for 2011 to build my mobile cottage. Off the deck is the mini orchard, my view.

In the fore ground is out of control Rhubarb that might find it's way into a pie if I have time. I was able to spend a little time in the cottage and got the loft boards in. I am pleased with how much room I have up there. It is larger then I thought it was going to be. Plenty of room for my bed and some storage space.
The next "big project is building a catchment system prior to the rain, so I will have to start on that this week. Here is a picture of my catchment tank and my brother and his dog hamming it into my blog. Glad to have his house to finish this project and a place to stay for my first winter.
For those of you who are interested it is a Bushman 205 gallon tank. More to come on the catchment system in a later post.

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