Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Heartfelt Thank You

At some point I knew the Mini Mobile Cottage was going to leave Olympia. The whole idea was a stretch for me. To think that I could build a "Tiny House of my own" since I had zero skills to bring to the event. It was more of a dream then anything I could put into reality. It took a community to make it happen but central to community was Stet, who was dedicated, insightful, and full of experience.
To look back at the beginning of this project, we had talked about the 16ft trailer for the cottage and after a bit of thought I knew I wanted it longer. I thought putting the porch on the trailer didn't make sense for me as I would be giving up living space. So when I showed up to the work shop with my new 24 ft trailer, 5 ft of tongue making it 29 ft long I got a bit of a stare from Stet. The work shop was 30. Not much room to work on the back wall.  It was the first of those moments of "what have you gotten me into".
The transition from trailer to cottage happened pretty fast, that whole building walls part was a hoot. It was easy to see progress every day of work. I could be a framer it is a lesson in instant gratification.

It is the milestone moments that jump out to me, moving the trailer in for the first time and seeing if we can close the door, the first wall, pulling it out to start phase two, putting the roof on, putting the door in. These were all great moments but there were those challenges as well. Having to run the propane heater to thaw the Liquid Nails, wearing gloves cause it is 10 degrees out, realizing the back of the cottage is not square due to it not being flat on the trailer.

This project never would have happened with out Lynne's support and insight as well. I can remember sitting down at the house for lunch and hearing Lynne and Stet talking through some minute detail with a great deal of passion. It was those times I will miss and am so thankful for. They cared and it was a joy to share those times.
Well the mobile cottage grew up and is out on her own. I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have friends like Lynne and Stet who have given so much to make this dream of mine come true.

I love you guys,


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