Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big Week In The Works

This has to be a big week on the Mini Mobile Cottage. I am taking the week off from work and planning on putting all my efforts toward getting as much done through the 10th of September as the following weekend the Cottage hits the road. Hopefully not literally.

A couple of projects that got started this weekend were walls and electrical. I was able to wrap the little chimney I have with cedar and I should have my heater in place by midweek when I can then go up and finish it. I will get a better picture when I get the cap on it. I have all the walls done, I just need to get them in place. This first one is the bathroom wall on the cedar side and plywood on the other for the electrical room. The Electrical room is about 80% done with some touch up work and the core wiring still needing to be done.

My smart inverter is ready to go and should get installed on Monday Sept 5th, 2011. It is all coming together on the electrical side. I did cedar for the inside of my closet so that looks nice. I will also do the rest of the bathroom in cedar.
You can also see the start of the beetle kill pine. I should have a good couple of walls done by a mid-week post. Lot's to do, pretty excited about 9 days straight of Mini Mobile Cottage work!

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  1. Bryce,
    We are sending you all of our positive building energy this week.... Enjoy the final steps in the process. We know you will... Look forward to seeing blog updates....

    Talk to you soon