Monday, September 19, 2011

New Mini Escape Window

As many have noticed I have a gaping hole in my cottage. It was in need of a window and I have made a move to get one. I just installed the Window for the bottom, pictures will come on it but I have the diagram for the little loft window. It is a tilt out so it will be an escape route as well.
I am very excited about the first window I had Mackenzie build for me as I installed it tonight. Sorry it was dark and I did not get a picture. In lieu of that I am posting the order I placed for the upper window. It will give a great look to the business end of the Mini Cottage.

Here is my punch list for the week through Sunday. It is getting dark by 7:30pm and I don't have lights at this point so gotta get the project moving.

Put up Trim on corners and Windows
Finish Deck platform
Roof structure for deck 1
Roof structure for deck 2
Cut and place the 2x6 lead loft board
Layout the loft plywood
Finish the 1st Floor T&G
Do the Ceiling T&G
Cedar Trim Board
Plugs & Covers
Plastic the upper loft Window (October 8th delivery)
Adjust the bolt lock


  1. Good Luck on the Sunday Punch List... Tish, the Girls and I will be sending you positive task energy... We are starting to slow down on ours so can can give a little to you!!!

    Talk to you soon

  2. Did not look at the date....Hope the punch list went well.. look forward to hearing about the outcome

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